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Digitizing the Spanish story

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Actual cost
Actual cost:
Project Duration
Project Duration:
7 work days
Hours spent on the project
Hours spent on the project:
40 h.

Tasks and Solutions


This project was a reflection of the spiritual state of the author, with a specific task to convey the mood and atmosphere of the novel itself, while preserving the style, tone and taking into account all wishes and requirements. The customer turned to us, after a long conversation with a number of Web studios and had clear requirements for understanding the work and complete immersion in the project by the performer.

  • Digitize and make a story electronically
  • Save a black white style
  • Easy Management


    • The designer designed the layout in black and white style.
    • The developer has moved the story to electronic form
    • Landing on CMS WordPress

Site design

Main page:
Internal pages:


Advantages of the adaptive version of the site:

  • The site adapts to any device
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Improved conversion rate
  • Faster and more efficient user interaction

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